About us

"M & T" in the market of printing services since 1998.

he company specializes in the production of self-adhesive labels in flexo printing.
Clients of the company - more than 300 customers, producing food, various goods and materials. Work with them based on business trust and punctual performance of mutual obligations. Regular customer’s delivery of the finished product may be carried out with a payment delay.


Extensive experience of highly qualified personnel, modern production facilities and advanced equipment allow us to execute orders of any complexity with the use of such printing operations, such as cold and hot stamping (including rotary), embossing, lamination and stencil. 

Owning modern marketing techniques, our experts recommend the most optimal form of labels, make goods vivid, attractive and visible in the market. Many of our regular customers consider to be one of the main advantages of our printing house – the shortest lead times while maintaining high print quality. In recent years our company repeatedly was the winner of various specialized competitions, including the "Prodexpo 2012" exhibition, some of our work in the field of design gained diplomas of the international exhibitions, and two works are awarded with gold and silver medals of the international competition of the best label "Grandee Etiket", 2011. Interregional printing and publishing Association has recognized our work by the winner of the 7th International competition for the best label in the category "High quality printing of self-adhesive labels".

Today the company "M & T" has its own fleet of repro and printing flexographic machines, ensuring the production of self-adhesive labels of the highest quality with virtually all types of paints, with "colorful" on one side of the product can reach 15 colors, as well as equipment for the production of flexo.Available equipment and a design Studio enables the firm to operate in a "closed" cycle, i.e., to produce self-adhesive labels, not involving subcontractors. 

In the long term, the firm will develop, focusing on further expansion of park of the special printing equipment, increase of quantity, level of complexity and quality of products, and also reduction of terms of implementation of orders of a self-adhesive label for different types of goods.