Self-adhesive label on carbonated alcoholic beverages

Bright, stylish, informative self-adhesive label firmly established and entrenched in our lives

Self-adhesive label for vodka

Modern self-adhesive label for vodka – a real work of art

Label that can dissolve

Paper starch-based - that it has determined the wonderful properties of self-adhesive label, which has become a hit among consumers and innovation in recent years.

Self-adhesive label for mineral water

Choosing the right self-adhesive label - a stimulant of choice and unconscious reason for confidence, forcing us to give preference to a particular product.

The label from

The information magazine " ALKOEKSPERT-NAPITKI " has published an article about "M & T" in issue No. 2 (75) 2015. In article the "M & T" company sums up the results of the first year of cooperation with the enterprises of the Crimea and shares news and plans for development of the company.

Self-adhesive label for confectionery

Sweets, cakes, cookies - all these products require special packaging and labeling. The success of sale of goods directly depends on a look and design of a self-adhesive label for this segment of the consumer market.

Self-adhesive label for tea and coffee

To make brand bright and memorable, to advance and allocate goods in the segment – here the main task of a self-adhesive label, that part of packing to which producers pay special attention from the point of view of design and quality of the used materials.

Self-adhesive label on dairy products

The cardboard, plastic and glass – such type of material is used for packing of the dairy products imposing special requirements of the self-adhesive label offered today by the most various producers of a such label.

Self-adhesive label for canned vegetables

The main carrier of information that forces us to choose a particular product, self- adhesive label – not just a modern product marketing.