Self-adhesive label for canned vegetables

Self-adhesive label for canned vegetables

The main carrier of information that forces us to choose a particular product, self- adhesive label – not just a modern product marketing.

Self-adhesive label: to buy markers for any container

Self-adhesive labels - a multi-day work of designers and engineers, this sticker is made on the most modern equipment with the use of high quality materials: paper, glue.

Selecting the ideal product of any company, you will again and again return to the goods of this brand, the main symbol of which will be a self-adhesive label giving to products from vegetables a look recognizable, confidential for the consumer. However, striking design and attractive snapshot of the food is not the only requirement for the label on canned.

Traditionally canned food associated with glass, it dictates the requirements for the label, made of glossy, semi-glossy, matte paper or special paper coated with a moisture - or fat protective layer. This label is easily resists aggressive environmental factors and does not lose its presentation, even after repeated movement of goods.

A special type of labels on canned food is the kind manufactured using moisture alkaliproof paper, this label does not deteriorate even in a very humid environment, which usually performed manual or automatic gluing marker.

Label with average moisture resistance – one more kind of technology of marking of vegetable canned food. It is used in case of low humidity requirements for protection and, thanks to special treatment, not "shrink" after drying the wet adhesive layer. Such paper differs in lower price, however, its printing properties don't concede to the expensive moisture alkaliproof analogue.