Self-adhesive label for meat production

Self-adhesive label for meat production

The correct and original marking of meat production – an important step on the way to the competitive advantage capable to allocate your product in the sea of offers in this difficult and very intense market of meat delicacies and semi-finished products.

Meat delicacies in a stylish package required stylish self-adhesive label

The qualitative label not only draws attention, but also forms demand, as sometimes the most powerful argument for the buyer at a choice of this or that meat product.

The legislation and the demands made by trade networks, define a data component labels, filling it with data about the manufacturer, composition, expiry date and other information, bar codes.

The task of the manufacturer - to make a bright and original label, providing its brand identification signs, advertising, and other branded items.

Self-adhesive labels are made from the corresponding materials depending on their appointment

The raw meat products, semi-finished products which are stored no more than three days are traditionally weighed and marked in a hall for trade. For these purposes thermolabels, with simple and even empty design of a sticker are used. These labels contain all necessary information for the consumer, and only in the case of the desire of the manufacturer - brand design, brand.

To sell a meat semi-finished product – means to draw attention of the buyer with a type of the ready, issued product. It requires professional design self-adhesive labels made by marketers. Meat products in packing differ in rich, respectable appearance. Here it is recommended to use embossed foil, bright colors, unique complex forms. For preservation of effect and decrease in prime cost of a foil the label can be executed with use of the metallized paper or a film. Even the simplest design a label of this type belongs to the premium class.

Temperature storage of meat products.

You shouldn't forget also that all meat production is packed up in various packings and has temperature conditions which need to be considered at a material choice for creation of a self-adhesive label.

The label on the metallized paper is suitable for raw smoked sausages, and also for the vacuum packings applied to sausages and meat cuttings. Attractive golden or silvery gloss as though hints that before you – a delicacy, drawing attention of the buyer with bright and stylish appearance.

Semi-gloss paper is ideal for plastic and packaging.

But the label with non-standard temperature conditions intended for deep freezing, is printed on special thermal printer, indestructible materials.