Self-adhesive label for mineral water

Self-adhesive label for mineral water

Choosing the right self-adhesive label - a stimulant of choice and unconscious reason for confidence, forcing us to give preference to a particular product.

Self-adhesive label - any container with mineral water

Label paper, film base, or firmly entrenched in our lives-sleeve label - self-adhesive on the glass and plastic bottle of mineral water is required to accurately display circuit packages to adapt to any production, adjusting to the application of technology and design.

Good contact with the glue bottle to be marked - such are the requirements for a selfglue, which must withstand the effects of moisture and temperature extremes. For the production of such products is common to use plastic film, coated paper or synthetics with the possibility of laminating the surface, which gives an unsurpassed aesthetic and functional result.

Method and quality flexo UV inks used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels for mineral water, make it possible to accommodate the large amount of information required. This method involves the possibility of obtaining resistant to mechanical stress and stickers produces a positive advertising effect.