Self-adhesive label for sunflower oil

Self-adhesive label for sunflower oil

The label on the bottle of sunflower oil is not a simple label indicating the name, composition, manufacturer, expiration date and date of production.

The self-adhesive label on a bottle with sunflower oil makes product recognizable

Besides informative function the self-adhesive label plays an important advertizing role, attracting attention the buyer investigating the close formation of oil built on a counter of shop. The label is designed to sell, not just provide information about the product.

How to produce a self-adhesive label for PET packaging?

As well as for any similar PET-container, the label for a bottle of sunflower oil is made by a modern method of a flexography. The material can be different: from paper and a thermal paper to multilayered rolled material and a thermofilm. The thermofilm became the most demanded and popular material, combining such characteristics as quality of a product and the low, democratic price. The thermofilm possesses magnificent operational characteristics: doesn't become wet, isn't afraid of mechanical influences, does not deteriorate in contact with fat. This label is used for plastic packaging, which is traditionally used for packaging familiar to us sunflower oil.

In the production of labels for oils normally applied roller technology, the ink is applied between the layers of films- bases and receives special protection from the action of the liquid in the bottle. Glossy, as if laminated, the label has a very attractive appearance, non-toxic, wear-resistant, and also allows you to get a superequal glue covering. The label from propylene possesses high flexibility and gives the chance to use the small thickness of a film, thereby reducing the price of the cost of the final product.

The composition of glue can be various, one is invariable: when gluing a label traditionally apply the same ring method when the label as if surrounds a bottle.