Self-adhesive label for tea and coffee

Self-adhesive label for tea and coffee

To make brand bright and memorable, to advance and allocate goods in the segment – here the main task of a self-adhesive label, that part of packing to which producers pay special attention from the point of view of design and quality of the used materials.

Self-adhesive label: to order from any materials

Traditionally , this kind of self-adhesive labels is made of paper, it allows to carry out really difficult, multi-color press on a method of a hot or cold stamping, or UF varnishing , can be any size, a form and type of execution.

The lamination method is applied to increase in durability and wear resistance of a marker. With its help, the upper layer is created, which gives the paper strength and durability, preventing moisture and fat to alter its properties, and paint - dimmed or erased before the expected life of the product.

No smell, that's another important requirement for the self-adhesive label to a tea or coffee products in paper, glass or metal container. Thermoshrinkable films gained extremely widespread in this segment of the consumer market. Such materials have the ability to cover them with a thin layer of glossy foil or metal-plated, giving the label a more attractive and not dull appearance.