Self-adhesive label for vodka

Self-adhesive label for vodka

Modern self-adhesive label for vodka – a real work of art.

Bright and expressive self-adhesive label made of modern materials

The variety offered by printing materials produces a truly unique product with properties capable to draw attention of the buyer, to give to a bottle an incomparable elegant look.

Glossy, matte or metallic paper, transparent or thick polypropylene, allowing to obtain an interesting visual effect: self-adhesive label on vodka gives the manufacturer a reason to think, choosing exactly the style, clarity or tone. Advanced technology of printing on adhesive label.

Bronze paint, a layer of gloss or matt varnish: printing today offer to use the most common method of printing is flexographic printing. It produces brilliant photographic images, giving the bottle a very impersonal attractive and outstanding views.

Use of bright dies, or in popular speech of a cliche, gives the chance to gain stronger visual effect with variety of paints and half tones. Stencil is ideal for the application of the so-called color temperature, polychrome tones, but he was not able to reflect the elegant small or thin element.

The self-adhesive label on vodka is traditionally pressed by a hot or cold foil. Lamination used by the manufacturer instead of varnish, is used to increase external protection products, squeezing or relief is obtained using a special method – convex.