Self-adhesive label on dairy products

Self-adhesive label on dairy products

The cardboard, plastic and glass – such type of material is used for packing of the dairy products imposing special requirements of the self-adhesive label offered today by the most various producers of a such label.

Production of self-adhesive labels for dairy products

Branded stickers and labels are the best option for the labelling of PET containers and plastic bottles, which today are considered as the most common types of packaging in the organization of the sale of dairy products, cheese, and butter. The label has to not only tell about goods, but also make the proposal which is under refrigerator glass, the most effective, favorable, original.

Modern self-adhesive label – is not only a kind of identification mark, ready to talk about the product, its shelf life, the place of manufacture and packaging, but also a business card of the manufacturer, a special document guaranteeing the quality and utility of the proposed product.

The most important qualities of self-adhesive labels for dairy products.

The main requirement to label such purpose is considered to be sufficient moisture and cold resistance. Dairy products don't lie too long on shelves and warehouses and therefore don't demand markers especially strong and nonerasable over time. Milk, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk and yogurt - products of daily demand which price is traced by broad masses of consumers and directly depends on the prime cost used for self-adhesive labels. For this reason the most part of labels on dairy products differs in simple and clear design, inexpensive materials and a modest color scheme.

The transparent and metallized films differing in very original appearance and low reasonable price are considered as the optimum decision for products of this segment of the consumer market. The film and paper label covered with a special varnish don't lose appearance under the influence of condensate, they are steady against the lowered temperatures and have attractive appearance which often is followed by use of the whole range of colors and shades.